Our Partners and Network

We work together with a large number of private and public partners on demand basis. The network is continuously growing, and we are happy to create new partnerships! Our work is represented on various websites and networks. Additionally, you find information on our upcoming events and our partners in this section.

Networks and events

International Online Conference 2022

Prosperity from climate-smart agribusiness with and for Africa! This was the topic of our international online conference co-hosted by AUDA-NEPAD and OACPS on 24th & 25th May 2022. Please find the summary of this interesting conference here!

Highlights of the online conference

Please find the highlights of this interesting online conference on our YouTube channel!

Pan-African Expert talks

We regularly offer expert talks on different hot topics related to agribusiness. Click below to get an overview.


Pan-African Master trainer talks

Together with our partners, we built a huge master trainer network and regularly offer master trainer talks for sharing news, updates on concepts, and exchange. You can see the topics by clicking below.


What’s up? Farmer Business School: News on Training of Trainers

Virtual agribusiness training – Does it work and how?

Fasten your seat belt: Cooperative Business School 2.0 Youth taking off in Africa

What’s up in FBS? Discover the latest developments important for your work.

The journey will continue, and we keep you posted right here!

Agribusiness 4 Change Conference 2019

This international conference in Addis Ababa paved the way for comprehensive structural change towards the creation of rural areas worth living across generations! You can watch our summary video by clicking here.


We are member of the Sector Network Rural Development Africa, which brings together a multitude of rural development experts for sharing knowledge. Please find an interesting article about the CBS Master Training on their website by clicking here.

ASPYEE portal

Our FBS, CBS and PBS approaches will be featured in this portal by AUDA-NEPAD as best practices.

ABF on YouTube

We also have a YouTube channel where we share videos on e.g. our conferences, good agricultural practices, experiences with the training approaches. Explore it here.

Clients and partners

ATVET institutions

We are partnering with 8 ATVET institutions. Click on the tiles to learn more and to visit their websites:


Centre Songhaï

Burkina Faso

Ecole Nationale de Formation Agricole de Matourkou - ENAFA-Matourkou



Institut Supérieur Des Sciences Agronomiques Et De L'entrepreneuriat Rural - ISSAEER


Côte d’Ivoire

Agence Nationale d'Appui au Développement Rural - ANADER



Bako TVET College



Latia Agribusiness Solutions - LAS



MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation - MS TCDC



Innovative Institute of Agriculture, Business and Capacity Building - IABC


Supporters and implementers

You want to get an overview of all our clients, partnering programms, public organisations and companies or NGOs who support and implement our approaches?

We work with

  • more than 50 GIZ supported programmes and their partners
  • 14 national organizations
  • 2 companies


Agribusiness e-Academy

Please click here to be directly forwarded to our Agribusiness e-Academy.


The digital FBS for Android smartphones. Click on the link to download the app: Download the app here.
Click on the following link to be forwarded to the FBSInnova Youtube-Channel.