ABF & MOVE-ComCashew Prepped for Final Call of Competitive Matching Grant Fund (MGF)

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Nestled in the lush, mountainous region of Aburi in Ghana's Eastern region, the MGF team convened from May 22 to 23, 2024. This two-day workshop was a vibrant mix of brainstorming sessions and strategic planning, aimed at enhancing the impact of the final call for proposals.

The workshop kicked off with an engaging icebreaker, allowing team members to share new insights about themselves, setting a collaborative tone. The sessions that followed were rich with discussions on lessons learned from the first call, highlighting successes, and identifying areas for improvement.

The team candidly discussed the challenges faced during the initial call, such as communication barriers, political complexities, resource limitations, commercial eligibility issues, and internal restrictions. These reflections paved the way for more effective strategies in the upcoming call.

To ensure a smoother process for the final call, the team emphasized the importance of comprehensive training, earlier and more robust communication, and meticulous documentation. This approach aims to expedite the verification process and enhance overall efficiency.

A significant portion of the workshop was dedicated to promotion strategy. The goal is to attract applicants of required regions and ensure widespread awareness of the funding opportunity. Additionally, the team fine-tuned the monitoring and evaluation processes to align project activities with key performance indicators of the future partners.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the final call!

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