ABF empowers female Agripreneurs through impactful agribusiness trainings

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ABF is dedicated to empowering female agripreneurs through comprehensive agribusiness trainings. In today's dynamic agricultural environment, equipping women with the necessary skills and knowledge is crucial for sustainable growth.

Through face-to-face, blended, and e-learning initiatives, ABF is committed to sowing the seeds of change and nurturing a world where every woman in agriculture can thrive. This International Women's Day, we celebrate the remarkable women driving change in agriculture.
Our Processor Business School (PBS) training and Gender makes Business Sense Plus (GmBS+) have seen significant empowerment of women, with over 90% female participants in PBS.  

Gender equality and empowerment are also core values at GIZ, reflected in our Gender Strategy. The GIZ Gender Strategy focuses on promoting gender equality, eliminating gender-based disadvantages and discrimination, and fostering an inclusive corporate culture. We actively communicate and implement this strategy both within and outside the company, striving for equal opportunities for all genders.  

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